The City of Manchester was designated in 2013 to participate in the NPDES general permit Stormwater program as a Small Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4). The City is responsible for enforcing the state regulated program.

Read the City's Stormwater Ordinance (PDF) and Enforcement Response Plan (PDF).

The City is also responsible for educating the public on the importance of preventing stormwater pollution. Read the City's Public Information and Education Plan (PDF).

The City of Manchester will be submitting the 2020-2021 MS4 Draft Annual Report on September 23th, 2021 to TDEC.  The draft annual report is shown below. If you have any comments regarding this annual report, please contact Brittany Fiske by calling 931-723-1464 or by email.

Stormwater Video

The City of Manchester adopts as its' stormwater design and best management practices (BMP) manual, the TDEC Sediment and Erosion Control Handbook (PDF), latest edition.

Manchester has developed a Stormwater Hotline. Call 931-723-1464 or email Brittany Fiske about stormwater activities or concerns.

Stormwater Map Online (Interactive)

Stormwater Forms: