Fire Inspection

Fire Inspection are the responsibility of the Codes Department in the City of Manchester. A full time Fire Inspector is assigned to Codes Department. Further assistance is also provided by Manchester Fire-Rescue when needed or warranted. Currently the Codes Department enforces the 2012 International Fire Code (IFC) within the City of Manchester.

Manchester Fire Rescue Fire Prevention Mission

"Our mission is to educate the community about the benefits of proper safety practices and identify and eliminate all types of hazardous conditions which pose a threat to life, the environment and property.

Manchester Fire-Rescue Fire Prevention Emphasis: 

  • Conduct Preplanning of all facilities with life hazards, Fire Alarm/Fire Suppression systems
  • Attend Plans review for all new construction and alterations to business's
  • Investigation of all fires within the City of Manchester, assist County Fire Departments when requested
  • Public education of fire safety, fire safety initiatives.
  • Free Smoke Alarm Installation for citizens of Manchester, and assist County Departments with same program